October 24, 2008


'Ultra low fat pork' debuts in China's Hainan province

Hainan Hongyuan Biotechnology Limited company has rolled out a pork product with only 1.8 percent  fat content.


Marketed as the 'Ultra Low Fat Pork', the product is targeted at the health conscious consumer.


To serve the Hainan market, the company has decided to have specialty stores in Haikou, the province's capiyal city, selling the pork from Saturday, 25 October 2008.


Hongyuan uses micro-organism fermentation cultivation technology in breeding pigs, with no antibiotics or growth hormones such as ractopamine injected into its pigs in the process.

Hongyuan's 'Ultra Low Fat Pork' has been certified by local authorities as sustainably-produced and fit for export.