October 23, 2019


Kemin Sal CURBTM RM E liquid shows activity against ASF in feed



Kemin Industries has filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), with claims that the composition present in Sal CURB™ RM E Liquid can strongly inhibit the viricidal activity of the African swine fever virus when applied to animal feed.

Kemin developers have discovered that the unique combination of formaldehyde and organic acids disrupts the viral envelope of the ASFv, which results in successful control of the virus, reducing potential infection in animals via feed as a vector. The research was conducted in partnership with Professor Hoang Vu Dang, Department of Biochemistry and Immunology at the National Institute of Veterinary Research in Hanoi, Vietnam.

"These results suggested that Sal CURB RM E Liquid may be a potential candidate as an antiviral feed additive for ASFv infection. Based on these results, further studies addressing the use of antimicrobial Sal CURB RM E Liquid in vivo are to be considered," said Prof. Vu Dang.

Kemin continues its efforts to raise awareness of ASFv preparedness across the region through roadshows, webinars and social media platforms.

Since late 2018, Kemin has organised seminars in Thailand and Vietnam to introduce its "3D Approach" to African swine fever preparedness, a concept that can help mitigate against the risks of ASF for the industry. The 3D Approach calls for the protection of the environment, feed and animals, and is comprised of programmes for environment biosecurity, pathogen load reduction and gut immunity priming.

"Protecting the global food supply, ensuring food safety, maintaining biosecurity and transforming the quality of life for those around the world are extremely important to our team at Kemin. This new research helps us begin to address one of the biggest challenges facing the agriculture industry today," said Dr. Chris Nelson, president and CEO of Kemin.

"Sal CURB RM E Liquid is a global solution, backed by our science and safety expertise at Kemin. We are thrilled to explore this new application that may prevent further transmission of African swine fever."

"Kemin has conducted studies which show that our Sal CURB RM E Liquid has demonstrated effectiveness against ASFv in feed," said Dr. Hai Meng Tan, president of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health (Asia Pacific). "Together with increased biosecurity, Sal CURB RM E Liquid can help reduce the potential risk posed by ASFv."

- Kemin