October 23, 2008


Minnesota becomes split state over bovine tuberculosis

US state Minnesota will be recognised as a split state due to amending of the bovine tuberculosis regulations.


Prior to this interim rule, the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) designated Minnesota as modified accredited. However, all of its affected herds are located in portions of four counties in the northwest corner of the state.


After a thorough review of the state's application, including a risk analysis, it is found that Minnesota meets APHIS' requirements for zone classification, according to APHIS.


Therefore, Minnesota will be removed from the list of modified accredited states, adding an area in the northwest corner to the list of modified accredited zones and adding the remainder of the state to the list of modified accredited advanced zones.


This would reduce restrictions on interstate movement of cattle and bison from areas of Minnesota other than the modified accredited zone in the northwest corner.

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