October 22, 2021


Hy-Line International celebrates and supports World Egg Day


Press release




Earlier this month on October 8, egg fans worldwide celebrated the power of the egg and all its nutritional and environmental benefits. As the world leader in poultry layer genetics, Hy-Line International is proud to support the efforts of World Egg Day on the 25th anniversary of the annual celebration.

The global event, celebrated on the second Friday of October every year, welcomes everyone to honour the unique contribution eggs make to supporting people around the world.

Owing to their broad range of nutrients, eggs are a healthy, nutritious, and affordable part of the diet for people at all stages of life, including growing teenagers, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly, and infants, particularly those in nutritionally vulnerable areas.

Along with their nutritional value, eggs are the most environmentally sustainable and affordable animal source of protein available, helping support families around the world as well as the planet itself.