October 22, 2020


BRF SA to stop production at Halal chicken plant for modernization works


Major Brazilian meatpacker BRF SA said it will stop production at its Halal chicken plant in Carambeí town, south Brazil from November 16 for modernisation works, Reuters reported.


The works, meant to adapt production to market demand, are expected to be completed by December 5. The plant processes 3,000 birds per hour.


The plant has 1,600 workers, according to the Sintac food workers union. Sintac said the plant is certified to sell Halal chicken produced in accordance to Muslim dietary requirements.


The Brazilian Agriculture Ministry website showed the plant's export license to Saudi Arabia was suspended on September 2018. Sintac said the suspension remains. The website also showed Hong Kong as one of the major export destinations for the plant.


BRF is the biggest chicken exporter in the world.


-      Reuters