October 21, 2019


Indonesian consortium signs cooperation agreement on integrated fish farming with Norwegian company


A consortium of Indonesian firms, led by PT El Rose Brothers, entered into an integrated fish farming cooperation agreement with Norwegian company Sterner AS at the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI), Antara reported last week.


The signing of the agreement took place between director of PT El Rose Brothers Ferry Budiman and director of Sterner AS Gisle Larsen at the Expo, according to a statement issued by the Indonesian Embassy in Oslo.


The agreement paves the way for the development of an onshore fish farming business in Indonesia based on the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology.


Sterner's RAS technology-based facilities will enable production based on quality assurance, traceability, and managed growth to create a zero-waste and low-carbon environment.


PT El Rose Brothers will begin constructing the RAS facility in Yogyakarta Province in 2020, with a planned first-stage production capacity of 2,500 tonnes annually of white snapper products. The project is planned to bring in investments amounting to US$50 million.


PT El Rose Brothers has also planned to build a hatchery facility to support the operation of the RAS facility and improve the general quality of Indonesian fishery products.


"We are very pleased to be working with El Rose Brothers to start a new chapter in the production of onshore fishery products in Indonesia. This partnership project can serve as the basis for integrating Sterner's foreign investment, RAS technology, and clean water management in Indonesia," Larsen said.


Budiman revealed plans for El Rose Brothers to become a leader in the production of high-quality and safe fishery products for consumers.


"We are indeed aiming to become a producer of fishery products with onshore facilities within the next five years that will provide products for the domestic and global markets," he said.