October 21, 2019


ICC Brazil to take part in 2019 ABRAVES Congress




ICC Brazil will participate in the 19th National Congress and 1st ABRAVES International Congress, on October 22-24, in Toledo, Paraná, Brazil.


The city, located in the western state of Paraná, is a benchmark for pig farming and has the biggest herd of the region. The event is organised by Brazilian Association of Veterinary Experts in Swine - Paraná Region (ABRAVESPR) and will gather notable names from global pig farming.


Alexandre Filipe, ICC Brazil's sales manager (Southern Region), emphasised the importance of the company's attendance of these events. "It is a great opportunity to strengthen our presence as a provider of natural solutions based on yeast, reducing the need to use antibiotics and thus contributing to the creation of healthier animals," Fillipe said.


Ricardo Barbalho, ICC Brazil's national sales manager, and Liliana Longo Borges, animal scientist and R&D analyst, will also be present at the event.


ICC Brazil will have a booth at the event to promote the use of Hilyses® in the supplementation of sows and piglets. "Hilyses® offers nucleotides and free nucleosides, which are key to the development of piglets and is also indicated for sows. One of the product's main benefits is the production of higher quality colostrum," Fillipe explained.


Borges said that the benefits are proven by biotechnological studies. "We observed that by supplementing sows' diets with Hilyses® and then consequently transmitting nucleotides via colostrum improved piglet weight gain when weaned, it also significantly reduced mortality," she said.


Borges added that ICC Brazil has been investing in new research with swine to prove the benefits of their products.


In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of products for animal nutrition in practice, ICC Brazil partnered with a commercial swine farm, located in the countryside of São Paulo, in Leme. "This partnership will allow ICC to carry out even more advanced scientific research related to their products. This is quite important since experiments conducted under actual field conditions improve reliability of experiment results," national sales manager Ricardo Barbalho said.


In addition to Hilyses®, ICC Brazil will also introduce ImmunoWall®, a product enriched with a high concentration of ß-glucans and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) acting on immunomodulation, as well as reducing contamination by pathogens, resulting in better utilisation of nutrients and immune system responses.


Another product that will be introduced at the event is Lyscell®, a source of free amino acids and short-chain peptides. The product is described as a high-digestibility product intended for young animals that will also benefit from the higher palatability.


- ICC Brazil