October 21, 2016

Lower supply from Europe strengthens Chinese vitamin A prices (week ended Oct 20, 2016)

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Prices of local vitamin A in China (RMB/kg)

Price quotes as of Sep 14

Price quotes as of Oct 20

Price Changes 




Prices are representative and for reference only.
RMB1=US$0.1480 (Oct 21)

Prices rebounded of late.
Sales of vitamin A were slow after the long holidays during early October, prompting several producers to negotiate prices. However, BASF's plant explosion in Germany resulted in supply crunch, lifting prices despite slack domestic demand and a weaker renminbi.

Although the availability of vitamin A is expected to tighten due to lower production from BASF, the upward scope of the market will be limited. Producers in China will hold down prices in efforts to clear stocks while domestic demand is weak.

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