October 21, 2011


Brazil's pork exports aim to reach China in 2012



The pork export agreement has confirmed the delivery of pork shipments from Brazil to China in the beginning of 2012 although authorised production firms will be allowed to export meat as of November.


According to Pedro de Camargo Neto, chairman of the Brazilian Association of Pork Meat Producers (Abipecs), the first 12 months exports amounting to 50,000 tonnes of pork is expected to reach China.


In April last year, a pork exports agreement was made so that the meat could be exported from Brazil to China from three refrigeration facilities, which are run by the Aurora cooperative (Santa Catarina) e BrasilFoods (Goiás) and Marfrig (Rio Grande do Sul).


Pork continues to be a leading meat for consumption in China and demands for pork remain high.

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