October 21, 2011


Novus expands technical support in Asia
Press Release


Novus further invests to expand their technical services support in Asia.


Dina Joardar, Poultry Team Lead and Technical Services Manager for Southeast Asia Pacific is pleased to announce the new appointments of Xabier Arbe, Stuart Court and Patrapan Rungcharoen. 


Based in Bangkok Thailand, Xabier Arbe in his role of Technical Services Specialist Poultry and Feed Hygiene will be responsible for supporting Novus customers in Southeast Asia Pacific.


After graduating in Veterinary Science from the University of Zaragoza Spain where he specialised in animal production, Xabier worked as a vet for major Spanish fresh egg producers. 


He joined Novus in February 2009 as Technical Services Manager for Spain and Portugal before being promoted to Poultry and Feed Quality Manager for Europe.  He relocated to Thailand in October 2011.


In his new role, Xabier will support Novus customers by providing 'Health through nutrition' solutions with Novus's growing range of animal health and nutritional programmes and products.


Well-known Australian feed industry identity, Stuart Court has changed from his position as Regional Sales Manager with Novus Nutrition Limited to his new role of Regional Nutritionist. 


After graduating in Agricultural Science from the University of Sydney, Stuart worked for more than 10 years as Nutritionist and Technical Manager for Ridley where he was responsible for providing high performance feeds to both food producing and companion animals, besides product development. He then worked for a global animal health company, supporting regulatory activities for feed additives and parasiticides. More recently, Stuart worked as an account manager with a leading premix manufacturer formulating vitamin and mineral supplements for poultry and ruminant clients. He joined Novus Australia in July 2009 as Regional Sales Manager.


Based in Sydney, Australia, Stuart will provide technical support for Novus's customers in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Indonesia.


Novus realises that meeting the growing global demand for animal protein in the future will also require the development of new talent to be future leaders in agriculture.  As such, Patrapan Rungcharoen, has joined Novus's Technical Services and will initially be based in the St Louis global headquarters where she will work with the R&D group to develop her research skills and an international perspective on agriculture, before relocating back to a technical role in Southeast Asia Pacific. 


Patrapan holds a Master degree in Animal Nutrition from Chulalongkorn University, and has recently completed her Ph.D. in Agricultural Product Development from Kasetsart University under a scholarship programme of Thailand Research Fund.  Her commercial experience includes managing quality assurance, and providing technical support to sales staff and customers. She was recently working as a visiting scholar in Poultry Science at North Carolina State University, where she was involved in poultry nutrition R&D projects.

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