October 21, 2008


Yurun Group constructs largest hog slaughtering operation in Jiangsu


Yurun Group, the biggest meat supplier in China, has invested RMB500 million (US$73.16 million) on the largest pig slaughtering operation of 300,000 pigs in Jiangsu which will commence operations on 20th October.

The project covers 127.88 hectares of land in Jiangsu's only pork export base which is also the province's largest pig slaughtering and processing base. The project provides more than 2,000 jobs and would enable more than 50,000 farmers to engage in hog cultivation, increasing their income by approximately RMB500 million (US$73.16 million) yearly.

The project uses advanced slaughter production lines importedfrom Germany,  enabling 150 different types of pork products made from high-quality and sterilised processed meta. Annual production of these products would total 210,000 tonnes, with 30,000 tonnes for by-product.