October 21, 2016
China threonine producers slash prices amid lacklustre demand
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Prices dropped prominently.

Prices of local threonine in China (RMB/kg)

Price quotes as of Sep 9

Price quotes as of Oct 18

Price Changes 




Prices are representative and for reference only.
RMB1=US$0.1480 (Oct 21)

Corn prices fell significantly during the period in review, dragging the demand for threonine lower together with softer soymeal prices. Additionally, feed demand slid as animal inventories dwindled following September's high releases. In a bid to entice buyers, threonine producers slashed prices.

In Europe, price quotes of Chinese products after tax were tumbled to EUR1.42-1.50/kg.

Threonine producers will likely keep prices low to entice buyers in the coming period.

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