October 20, 2016

Aviagen supports training at CP Group Poultry Production Course




The 4th annual CP Group Poultry Production Course was held for two and a half weeks in September in Thailand with Aviagen assisting by delivering four days of training during the event.


The course was attended by 37 participants from CP operations in Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, India, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand.


On the first day, Aviagen addressed grandparent and parent stock management for male selection and both the growing and laying phases of production. Day two was focused on the breeder lighting programme, management for leg health, nest management, use of the practical hatchery how-to publications and an interactive training on chick start and brooding.  The third day was dedicated to broilers with a review of the handbook, lighting programmes, live performance and a sponsored presentation on slaughter and processing.  The final day encompassed a valuable demonstration of ventilation in hot and cold weather together with the use of a ventilation evaluation tool.


Aviagen has over 60 years dedication and commitment to training and information transfer to customers with the first, recognised production school being held in the US in 1963, the company said. It is now in its third year of involvement in the CPF Poultry Production Course School where an exam is held for all attendees. The top student is recognised at the graduation ceremony at the conclusion of the programme.


Improvements arise with continual implementation of training programmes and Aviagen has introduced more practical, hands-on training modules for customer attendees.  The opportunity to get a class involved in a brooding setup or ventilation evaluation offers the perfect scenario for attendees to interact and learn from each other, Aviagen stated. These workshops are reportedly successful, with participants responding by using their skills and readily discussing options while training.


Another key training objective at the school is to highlight any new management information literature which encompassed the 2016 nutrition specifications, a new breeder service publication, and the effective use of practical hatchery 'how-to' documents.  Aviagen team members also get to share accommodation with customer attendees and encourage the external interaction that can prove to be valuable once back in the individual work environments.


"We are grateful to management for the chance to participate in the 4th CP Group Poultry Production Course and provide training for the event.  It is a unique occasion to present expertise and support to a major customer and one we fully commit to in order to ensure it is of value and has application with participants," commented Mark Wright, regional technical manager of Aviagen Asia Pacific.


- Aviagen

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