October 20, 2011


Nestle launches new milk factory in Algeria



Nestle has established a new Algeria's milk powder factory located in Qued Smar that will provide Nespray and Gloria packaged products to the rest of the country.


The new factory follows a commitment by the Algerian government to open up trade and encourage international companies to help boost local production.


Bertrand Sigwalt, managing director of Nestle Algeria explained that with this second factory, which is another footprint in Algeria will help increase industry and business in the country. Sigwalt added that they believe they are making an impact as the company believes in the country investing in the Algerian people.


"Much of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from petroleum and natural gas. The government announced it wanted to create jobs and improve living conditions, plus encouraging global companies and organisations to create added value to the country. The new factory aims to enhance other business sectors and increase exports. Every day, more than one million Algerian consumers place their trust in Nestle brands. Algeria is a big market for powdered milk as consumers have increased their demand for the product. This new factory aims to meet the needs of our consumers."


The new factory will create about 50 jobs. The factory also looks set to expand the distribution of other Nestle brands such as Nescafe and Nesquik in 2012.

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