October 20, 2011
Roxell unveils new poultry products



Roxell, a Belgium producer of automatic feeding and drinking systems for the poultry and pig industry, has unveiled new products in the market.


As of now, the Roxell SPARKcup drinking line can be fitted with a new anti-roost plate above the drink cups. As a result, an electro guard above the line is no longer needed, immediately making the system more animal friendly.


The plate is easy and quick to assemble and also serves as a hanger for the drinking line. The application is only possible for commercial laying hens.


In addition, Roxell is introducing a new feed cone for the KiXoo® pan, exclusively for use in production houses. The new cone eliminates an aspect that has become unnecessary, namely the flooding of the pan over the full 360°.


This is only necessary when KiXoo is also used for the start. The new feed cone allows for easy cleaning. In KiXoo® houses for "day-olds-to-death", the pan remains equipped with the standard feed cone.

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