October 20, 2003



Novus Reached Agreement to Acquire Solutia's Feed Antioxidants Business


Novus International Inc and Solutia Inc's (a spin-off from Monsanto company) have reached an agreement in which Novus will acquire SANTOQUIN and AGRADO from Solutia, with effect from January 1, 2004. Under this agreement, Novus will own all of Santoquin's and Agrado's business assets, trademarks, patents and technology.


Novus has been the exclusive worldwide distributor of Santoquin since 1991. Santoquin feed preservative is used to preserve feed quality and maximize nutrient utilization, and has been in the market since 1959 after Monsanto's rigorous research and development efforts. Santoquin is a cost effective preservative for vitamins A and E use in animal feeds, dehydrated forage crops, fish meal and rendered product (fats and meals).


Agrado, a dietary antioxidant enhancement, is a feed preservative with patented applications in dairy, cattle and swine. Greater feed efficiency over standard diets could be achieved through addition of Agrado.


With this new agreement, Novus would be deemed as the world's largest supplier of ethoxyquin, thereby strengthening Novus' present market standing, through its strong marketing and sales team and superior technical support to worldwide ethoxyquin customers.