October 20, 2003



Brazil Hog Exports in September Hit The Country's Highest in 2003


In September, Brazil registered 51,180 m tons in hog exports. This is the best monthly result in 2003 since Russia anticipated sales. However it accounted for 15,2% fall in comparison to September 2002. The income, for its turn, boosted by 5,9% to US$55.82m.


The domestic market reported 32,5% drop after Russia established the quotes system - Brazil supplies 52% of the quote of 450,000 m tons. The sector fears Russia decides to establish quotes for each country as the poultry system.


From January to September, Brazil imported 368,800 m tons, 11% increase over 2002 and 10,7% increase in income to US$349mil. The national Abipecs foresees 500,000 m tons and US$550 m income.