Specht Poultry Equipment: Providing reliability and continuity


Te So Ten Elsen GmbH & Co. KG, better known as Specht Poultry Equipment, has manufactured top-quality livestock and poultry systems since 1961 and is now highly regarded around the world for its high-quality standard. Ahead of the company's participation at VIV MEA 2021 this November, eFeedLink finds out from Alexander Kluger, Area Sales Manager, Asia and Africa at Specht how the company provides reliability and continuity to customers, be it in terms of animal welfare, quality and service, or even in times of crises.

eFeedLink: On its website, Specht describes itself as offering "high quality systems for all types of standard and alternative housing – which, of course, include state-of-the-art feeding and ventilation systems." Could you share with us more about how the company is contributing to animal welfare?

Kluger: Animal welfare and protection regulations are Specht's top priority, along with quality and service. The realisation of all country-specific regulations is respected – during production and work preparation they are constantly checked and in our construction department we constantly work on improvements of the plants for animal welfare. For example, the constantly updated requirements of the "KAT", "BIO" and "EU requirements" are incorporated into the production processes at Specht, so that our customers can achieve compliance with the latest requirements. During quotation processing, these are then of course complied with and communicated to the customer as decisive for their planning.


Could Specht tell us more about product innovation, while staying true to its focus on product quality?

During the pandemic we developed a new product, the original Specht mobile houses. This stable is characterised by its animal and environmentally-friendly housing. Of course, many of the improvements that have been incorporated into product innovation and variation have come from customer suggestions, such as deeper cages, improved nesting systems, etc.

Since 2012 until 2015 our alternative systems - VARIA-SYSTEM, VARIA PLUS and VARIA MITTELNEST and the corresponding rearing aviaries, have been proposed and increasingly offered for the European market but also more and more for the Asian and non-EU markets. In countries such as South Korea, Belarus, the Russian Federation, etc., projects have also been successfully operated and large facilities have been built.

In Germany we go with the trend to produce highly species-appropriate mobile barns for large flocks and to deliver to our customers. The housing in these barns can fully satisfy the 'natural' instincts of the birds, with extremely good results in egg production. The high standards of production with the involvement of our suppliers, which ensure flawless raw materials and high-quality purchased parts, and the compliance with all quality characteristics of Specht products, help perfect the results.


What are the key advantages of Specht's products compared to others in the market?


Production and distribution from one source! Full control of the quality of raw materials thanks to our own production. Particularly noteworthy are:

    - our feeding system with the patented dosing slides

    - egg deflector plates to prevent the laid eggs from picking on the conveyor belt

    - our spare parts and after-sales service

    - conical drive rollers for better running of the manure belt

    - in our laying cage, special curved floor grids, which, after poultry stocking, ensure that there are no 'hollows' and that the eggs can roll well without remaining in the cage area, thus preventing cracks and excessive egg breakage.


Please tell us more about Specht's international presence.

Specht is present in more than 60 countries worldwide and therefore on all continents. Our motto: Where there are chickens, there is Specht! Special markets are Africa (especially Sudan and Egypt) and the Arab countries (like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait etc), Russia and former Soviet republics like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, in which we have partly built more than 200 coops. Until today, most of our customers remain loyal to us and ask for our housing systems when expanding their farms.


During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, how has Specht been supporting customers with its solutions, particularly in terms of assembly and service?

Of course, this was a difficult time for everyone. Our customers had difficulties to find working personnel to build their stables; entry restrictions led to the fact that we had to bring our employees and supervisors to the construction sites with considerable financial and organisational effort. Here we have supported our customers despite all problems to the best of our ability to be able to maintain production. A lot of things could be bridged via the known online services. Questions were answered via video phone call or e-mail and challenges were overcome.


What highlights might you wish to share with our readers, particularly those from Asia, ahead of VIV MEA 2021?

For the exhibition in Abu Dhabi at VIV MEA 2021, we want to meet the many demands for our alternative equipment, such as VARIA PLUS, with information and demonstrations. We want to continue to make a statement that our company can offer reliability and continuity even in times of crisis.