October 19, 2015


MSD's FINADYNE® Transdermal alleviates acute mastitis-linked pyrexia




MSD Animal Health has announced that FINADYNE® Transdermal (flunixin meglumine) pour-on solution can now be used to reduce pyrexia associated with acute mastitis.


The revelation supports its proven efficacy to reduce pyrexia associated with Bovine Respiratory Disease.


"This additional claim for FINADYNE Transdermal pour-on allows for a more convenient way to relieve animals from fever, and improve respiratory and depression scores associated with Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) and mastitis," said Siddartha Torres, the technical director of MSD Animal Health.


FINADYNE Transdermal is making its mark as the world's first non-parasiticide cattle product available with a transdermal route of administration and builds on the legacy of FINADYNE as the pioneering injectable non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.


According to MSD, the solution responds quickly and reduces fever as early as four hours after administration.


Studies show the swift reduction of inflammation in the udder, thus alleviating the swelling pain associated with acute mastitis, a significant factor in cow comfort.


The innovative technology of FINADYNE Transdermal allows for rapid absorption of flunixin through the skin and into the bloodstream. An efficient administration means there is no need for additional labour, head gates or restraint commonly associated with injectable administration, hence cutting cost per treatment.


This new approach to reducing fever in cattle is in alignment with industry efforts to continuously improve animal care.


The pour-on application requires less handling, resulting in less stress on animals and leading to inherent health and wellness advantages.


It also offers the additional benefit of needle-free administration, with no injection site lesions and a higher-value end product.

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