October 19, 2011


August US chicken exports rise 55.6% in value



US chicken exports in August totalled 352,249 tonnes valued at US$419.03 million compared with year earlier exports of 256,324 tonnes valued at US$269.29 million, which represent a 37.4% increase in quantity and a 55.6% increase in value, according to the National Chicken Council.


Chicken parts exports tracked closely with the overall chicken category performance with a 35.4% gain in quantity and a 56% rise in value. Whole chickens achieved increases of 90.4% and 95.8% for quantity and value respectively. Prepared chicken and sausage exports achieved an increase of 32.6% in quantity and an increase of 30.8% for value.


During January-August 2011, US chicken exports totalled 2,299,895 tonnes valued at US$2,699.72 million compared with 2,128,567 tonnes valued at US$2,300.02 million during the first eight months of last year. The year-to-date gain for tonnage is 8% and increase for value is 17.4%.


All three sub-categories within the chicken category were positive with the following increases for quantity and value, respectively, chicken parts 6.8% and 16.9%, whole chickens 34.1% and 37.5%, and prepared chicken & sausages 10.8% and 11.3%.


In August, Hong Kong was the top parts market with a significant margin over Mexico, the second largest parts market. Parts to Hong Kong were 57,125 tonnes valued at US$75.97 million, an increase of 160.9% in quantity and a 147.4% in value. Mexico with 37,799 tonnes of parts valued at US$32.21 million, registered increases of 13.2% and 37.6% respectively for tonnage and value. Russia was the third top market in August with 22,764 tonnes valued at US$26.51 million, increases of 774.5% in quantity and 792.6% in value.

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