October 19, 2011


Indonesia's East Lombok declares bird flu outbreak



Following the discovery of bird flu infected-chickens in East Lombok, agriculture and animal husbandry authorities in Indonesia said the region is under a bird flu outbreak.


Based on rapid tests on chickens at Montong Betok village, Montong Gading sub district, bird flu or avian influenza had infected local poultry, the head of the East Lombok Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Office, L Khalid Tarmizi, said on Monday (Oct 17).


Tarmizi warned local people to be alert against the disease so it would not infect humans.


"It is a must. Awareness is needed to anticipate all eventualities so that no people will contract avian influenza," he said.


Any sudden death of poultry must be reported to the local agriculture and animal husbandry office, he said.


"I will report this to the East Lombok district head to ask for directives on measures to deal with the case," Tarmizi added.


Head of the East Lombok Health Office's Animal Health Section Vet Heri Rachmadi said his staff members would monitor the case continuously not only in Montong Gading sub district, but also other sub districts.


He urged local villagers to immediately report to his office if there is sudden death of poultry.


"As we have a limited number of personnel, the community is called on to report to us if there is sudden death of chickens," he said.


At least 156 chickens at three villages, namely Mujur, Mundi and Montong Godek, in Montong Betok, Montong Gading sub district, East Lombok District, had died suddenly over the past few days.

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