October 18, 2019


US$1.88 million allocated to Norway aquaculture after mass algae outbreak


The 10 million kroner (US$1.88 million) funding from the government of Norway will be channelled towards methods designed to prevent the destructive impact of a similar outbreak in future, such as surveillance systems across the northern coastal waters of Norway.


An additional 2.2 million kroner (US$240,000) government investment will go to research and development in aquaculture technology and protection of Norway's coastal waters.


In May this year, a devastating algae bloom suffocated millions of farmed salmon in Northern Norway, with 2.2 billion kroner of losses estimated by the Norwegian Seafood Council.


Algae bloom occurs naturally. However, this year's unexpectedly concentrated bloom, the worst algae attack in the country in the last 30 years, was aggravated by warming ocean currents from climate change.


With closer monitoring of the salmon’s health status, fish can be immediately relocated to a non-contaminated location as soon an algae outbreak or spread of disease is discovered.


Harald T Nesvik, Norway Seafood Minister stressed the need to be prepared for future outbreaks. He also mentioned the importance of Norway's coastal areas, which are great opportunities for investment and job creation.


- Government Europa