October 18, 2019


Free contract guidance launched to restore UK egg supply chain balance


The British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA) announced its free, professional guidance to assist farmers and egg packers draw up a balanced supply contract for both parties.


The purpose of the Model Egg Supply Agreement is to arm free range producers with a sample contract that stands up to legal scrutiny and help members negotiate the terms and conditions of the contracts put in front of them, said Robert Gooch, BFREPA CEO.


The contract focuses on title to the eggs moving to the buyer only after payment has been received, contract exclusivity, harmonising the agreed codes of practice, the rights of the producer to agree to the grading and prices of eggs supplied as well as duration and termination of contracts.


The organisation has been making changes to outdated agreements over the last 10 months with a team of lawyers from Birketts LLP.


The lawyers found many areas requiring improvement in the agreements. These include pricing, payment terms and termination clauses, all of which are heavily skewed towards egg packers.


The Model Egg Supply Agreement is a live document which can be adapted as the sector changes to meet the needs of members and egg packers over time.


- British Free Range Egg Producers Association