October 18, 2019


Cattle dying from Tuberculosis in Fiji


While milk production in Fiji has been on the rise, the last five years has seen between 4,000 to 5,000 cattle dead to Tuberculosis (TB), reported RNZ New Zealand.


Simon Cole, chair of the Fiji Co-operative Dairy Company, said this is a serious issue badly affecting Fiji beef farmers because there has been an excess supply of cull-cows from dairy herds.


He adds that the co-operative will collaborate with the Fiji and New Zealand governments in an effort to assist farmers to improve their calf-rearing methods and rebuild their herds.


A proposal to import Australian cattle is being discussed but Cole said there is the risk that imported cattle could bring in and spread bluetongue disease.


Initiatives on fencing, pasture development and nutrition of cattle are also being discussed to improve the welfare of Fiji farmers.


The Fiji Agriculture Ministry conducts TB Tests every nine months.


- RNZ New Zealand