October 18, 2019


US aquaculture research boosted by US$16 million federal funding grant


42 research projects and collaborative endeavours stand to benefit from the National Sea Grant College Programme, a partnership by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and 33 university-based programmes.


Jonathan Pennock, director of the National Sea Grant College Programme, said this year's investments aims to help advance US aquaculture sustainably, leveraging on the best talent in the country.

The funding will benefit 10 advanced aquaculture collaborative programmes, where research teams are required to accelerate aquaculture development. The goal is to generate a sustainable future for the aquaculture industry.


In addition, the funding helps 16 projects exploring new aquaculture opportunities (with a focus on new or high-risk projects with minimal research base) and 16 projects that fill the gaps in social, economic, and behavioural research needs related to the aquaculture industry and communities connected to the industry.


Projects that benefit from the Sea Grant must match 50% funding with funds not from federal grants.


In 2018, the Sea Grant investment resulted in a US$65 million economic benefit, plus creating and keeping 345 businesses and 841 jobs. 111 professionals working in aquaculture were employed or partially funded this year from the Sea Grant.


- Sea Grant NOAA