October 18, 2011


Myronivskyi Khliboprodukt's poultry meat sales up



Ukraine's Myronivskyi Khliboprodukt sales of chicken meat from July-September 2011 rose by 23.3% or 18,900 tonnes to 99,900 tonnes, against the third quarter of 2010, according to the company's press.


For the nine months, Myronivskyi Khliboprodukt saw chicken meat sales up 13% or 32,500 tonnes to 282,000 tonnes on year.


The company said that the growth was caused by an increase in production for expense of efficient utilisation of production facilities and reduction of the amount of produce stock remaining at warehouses.


The demand for chicken meat in the domestic market remained high and the company sold nearly 100% of own-made products. Export sales for nine months almost doubled over year.


The average prices of chicken meat in the third quarter stood at UAH16.11 (US$2.01) per kilogramme (VAT not included), which was in line with the global price trends, while in the third quarter of 2010 at UAH14.05 (US$1.76) per kilogramme (VAT not included).


The average level of prices in the nine months made UAH14.39 (US$1.80) per kilogramme (VAT not included), while in the nine months of 2010 at UAH13.43 (US$1.68) per kilogramme.


According to Ukrainian media, from April-June 2011, Myronivskyi Khliboprodukt increased sales of poultry meat by 14% to 97,800 tonnes. In 2010, it generated a profit of US$215 million.


The Myronivskyi Khliboprodukt open joint-stock company is a vertically integrated complex of enterprises that produce poultry meat, incubation eggs and fodder, and breed bovine cattle for processing.


The company produces poultry meat under the Nasha Riaba trademark, semi-finished meat products under the Lehko trademark, sausages and smoked meat products under the Druzhba Narodiv, Bashchynsky and Europroduct trademarks, beef delicacy under the Certified Angus trademark, chilled and frozen goose meat, and goose liver delicacy under the Foie Gras trademark.

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