October 18, 2011


Northeast China to reap 110 million tonnes of autumn crops


Northeast China's Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces has almost finished autumn harvests and are expected to reap 110 million tonnes of grain this year, up 13.5 million tonnes over last year.


Autumn grain production usually accounts for 70% of annual China's grain output. The harvest in northeast China, the biggest corn and rice supplier in the country, is crucial to lower the market inflation expectation and secure national grain safety.


Soon available corn and rice from northeast China will help evade sharp price fluctuation, experts said.


This year, the agricultural department in Liaoning has actively promoted average yield of rice and corn. Meanwhile, Heilongjiang is expected to reap 57.5 million tonnes of grain, up 7.5 million tonnes over last year.


In 2011, sowing area in Heilongjiang reached 13.759 million tonnes hectares, up 210,000 hectares over the same period last year. Its corn and rice planting area respectively stood at 5.9 million hectares and 3.44 million hectares and, up 472,400 hectares and 672,200 hectares.


Jilin, a main corn production base in China, is estimated to harvest 32.5 million tonnes of grain this year, up almost one seventh over last year, including 26.5 million tonnes of corn.


Grain output of northeast China's Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang approached 100 million tonnes last year, accounting for about 20% of the country's total grain production.

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