October 18, 2011


Ukraine's grain exports up



As of October 12, around 419.9 thousand tonnes were loaded at Ukraine's grain warehouses at public commercial seaports which are about 63.4% of maximum capacity, said Volodymyr Klymenko, President of the Ukrainian Grain Association.


He said that if in July-September the export of Ukrainian grain was about three million tonnes, in October-December it may grow to seven million tonnes. Parliament abolished the duties on exports of wheat and corn October 7, but the relevant law has not yet been signed by the President and thus has not taken force.


During the congress it is planned to discuss the main aspects of the world and Black Sea grain markets, specificities of stock trading in grain and the Brazilian system of financing the production of grain, as well as issues related to the forthcoming introduction of the land market in Ukraine.


The programme also involves a roundtable of Ukraine's agriculture ministry and the EBRD on the mechanisms for effective interaction between the government and private businesses in the grain market.


Earlier, representatives of agricultural associations expressed concern that the capacities of Ukrainian ports are insufficient to service the export of Ukrainian grain, which should dramatically increase after the abolition of fees, since over the period of limitations, those capacities were contracted for long-term exports of Russian and Kazakh grain.


According to the latest reports of the infrastructure ministry, in all state-run ports handled 4.17 million tonnes of grain cargoes.

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