October 18, 2011


Chore-Time launches new breeder feeder (Press Release)

Press Release


Chore-Time launched a new pan feeder on the world market, a system which is designed for solving many problems faced by breeder farmers.


The new pan feeder is called Genesis and the main feature is the shape of a double pan, with 18 spokes for feeding the birds. This configuration allows maximising the number of birds that can be fed in a certain space. With a traditional chain feeder, 48 birds can be fed in 12 linear feet and 40 in 10 linear feet. As our pan is hooked to the tube with a 45° angle, in the same space it is possible to feed up to 72 birds. That means that is possible to feed in the same space 50% more birds.


Another important advantage is the possibility to use the pan feeder in all-in all-out houses, feeding the birds since the rearing stage till the end of the flock. The chain feeder cannot be used during the rearing, which means that the feeding system has to be changed when the production begins. The adjustable grill is not only designed to avoid the roosters to eat where the hens have to eat, but also for feeding the birds since the first day.


Other two characteristics have to be stressed. First, the feed delivery speed is 50 m per minute, which means that all the birds have access to feed in the same moment, avoiding conflicts and stress. Second, the pan is designed for avoiding the food to skip outside because of the birds' movement. There is an outer area in the pan, in which the feed is captured when birds move the head; test house results show savings of up to eight tonnes of feed per 10,000-bird flock in well-managed houses.

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