October 18, 2008


Russia to revise meat imports quota mechanism in 2010


Russia will revise the meat imports quota allocation mechanism starting from 2010, according to Elvira Nabiullina, Minister of Ministry of Economic Development.


It is necessary to review quotas to make things easier for domestic agricultural producers, but it should be done step by step, said Nabiullina.


The review will relate to poultry and pork as domestic production grows at a fast pace, Nabiullina said, adding that beef quota would not be reviewed in the nearest future as the domestic beef production sector has not shown significant growth yet.


An earlier report said Russia's Ministry of Agriculture plans to reduce quota for poultry imports as soon as 2009, and to alter imports duty for over-quota pork supply.


Current Russian agreements on meat supply quota allocation with other countries are valid till the end of 2009.

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