October 17, 2018


Aviagen Asia shares expertise on disease diagnostics and prevention



In line with its commitment to bird health and welfare and food safety, Aviagen Asia hosted in South Korea a beneficial workshop on the detection and prevention of salmonella and mycoplasma.


The workshop represented the first practical training in the country to provide scientific information and lab techniques for avian mycoplasmas and salmonellas.


Taking place on August 21-23 at the College of Veterinary Medicine of Konkuk University in Seoul, the workshop welcomed 15 valued Aviagen customers from 15 different companies representing nine countries throughout Asia. During the sessions, theory presentations, combined with hands-on learning, were conducted by Aviagen veterinarians, as well as leading experts from academia and the industry.


Aviagen has been proactive in helping companies setup laboratories and laboratory testing procedure, and in running workshops, especially for customers who work in or oversee laboratories. This workshop offered up-to-date lab training on various types of PCRs, serology and conventional bacteriologyon mycoplasma and salmonella.

"Controlling critical poultry diseases like mycoplasma and salmonella is very important to successful poultry operations. The workshop demonstrated how to perform testing for these organisms with high confidence in the results, which is critical for our customers," said Aviagen's global head of veterinary services, Dr. Nick Dorko.


"At Aviagen, we're devoted to our customers and the success of their businesses. To show our dedication, we offer quality broiler breeding stock, as well as the latest knowledge and practices to safeguard the health of their flocks, so that together we can supply current and future generations with a safe, healthy and sustainable source of protein," added Aviagen's regional veterinarian, Dr. Keat Fu.

"This successful workshop received positive feedback and requests for future similar trainings for Asian customers. Aviagen Asia is a learning organisation, committed to continuous improvement, and we will use the input and lessons learned from this workshop to improve the quality of our future offerings," explained Aviagen's regional veterinarian, Dr Youngho Hong.

- Aviagen

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