October 17, 2016


US chicken council launches new blog, Instagram page


The US National Chicken Council (NCC) has announced the launch of a new blog entitled "The Cluck" and a new Instagram account to help answer questions of consumers about how the chickens from whose meat they eat were raised-questions such as, "Were they raised humanely and sustainably?"


The Instagram page features pictures from chicken farmers across the US going about their daily business on their farms and caring for their flocks.    


"Chicken farmers and company personnel take pride in the care of their chickens, and the fact is that our national flock is as healthy as it's ever been, but we know it's on us as an industry to do a better job of providing more information about how the chicken we feed our families is raised and produced," said Tom Super, NCC senior vice president of communications.  "The new blog and Instagram page offer two more vehicles for us to do that."


The new blog and the new Instagram account are part of the NCC's "Chicken Check In" initiative, which was launched in December 2015 to help provide updates about current issues in chicken production and give consumers a close look at the lives of the birds. In addition to the new blog and Instagram page, the site (http://www.chickencheck.in/) contains videos, FAQs, infographics and links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.


According to US Department of Agriculture estimates, Americans will eat 92 pounds of chicken per person this year, which is a record amount. For many, chicken is the go-to food for lean meat because of its low fat and high protein content, as well as affordability and health benefits.


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