Livestock & Feed Bussiness Worldwide: October / November 2016
Antibiotics have to be phased out, but will natural supplements grow as quickly as anticipated?

by Eric J. BROOKS
The entire field of livestock supplements finds itself in a two-way dilemma. On one side, many American and Asian integrators are resisting moving away from antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs). But how long can they can resist in the face of growing scientific evidence about the menace they pose, when organisations like WHO make antibiotic resistance a leading health priority.

Recent events in the US agribusiness industry clearly show that FDA voluntary guidelines may not have any significant impact at all and that a stronger legislation may be on the way in America and other parts of the world.

With feed and livestock production decelerating much more than was anticipated, markets for natural supplements cannot be growing as quickly as optimistic reports are still projecting. We examine both the need to move past AGPs and the growing pains that suppliers will face over the next few years.
The full article is published on the October / Novmber 2016 issue of LIVESTOCK & FEED Business. To read the full report, please email to to request for a complimentary copy of the magazine, indicating your name, mailing address and title of the report.
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