October 17, 2008
JSR to invest in facilities to increase feed efficiency and growth
Press Release

JSR plans to invest in facilities to target feed efficiency and growth, as well as to improve pig reproductive performance over the next three years.


JSR plans to improve feed efficiency by at least 8 percent and to improve nutrient density by 6 percent to optimise genetic potential. The company also plans to improve pig health to aid efficient growth and minimise challenge to the breeding herd, reduce mortalities and utilise a selected sire line that would optimise output from individual environments.


The company also plans to maintain pre-weaning mortalities at 10.5 percent or less despite increasing born alive, and to achieve an average of 11.3 pigs weaned per sow. JSR wants to keep post-weaning mortality from herds in Yorkshire at 7 percent or less with a minimum use of vaccines and antibiotics. One of the company's plans include the use of a genotype to deliver the highest number of weaned pigs, and to keep the average weaning age of 26 days to optimise reproductive performance without compromising reproductive efficiency.


JSR Genetics Ltd is part of the family of agriculture-based companies that comprise the family owned JSR Farming Group.

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