October 17, 2003



International Joint Project Explores Into Chicken Genome Sequence Which Would Impact On Poultry Industry


An international consortium of scientists has recently announced a joint project to sequence the entire chicken genome within a year. Similar to the enormous impact of human genome sequence on the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research, deciphering the entire chicken genome sequence would also have a significant impact on the poultry industry and associated research.


The University of Georgia (UGA) and AviGenics are organizing a two-day symposium on the science and benefits of chicken genome sequencing entitled "Chicken Genome Sequence: Impact and Applications". Wesley Warren, Jerry Dodgson, Larry Cogburn, Mary Delany, Bin Liu, David Burt, Robin Morgan and Hans Cheng, who have played critical roles in the sequencing of the chicken genome and development of EST libraries, have been invited to speak at this symposium. Other experts from poultry companies, USDA, and other research institutions are participants at this forum too.


This symposium will offer an opportunity to review recent developments in avian genetics and transgenic technologies as well as the impact of avian genome sequencing efforts on diverse fields including the biopharmaceutical industry, poultry industry and food safety. In addition, the second day workshop, will offer an opportunity to discuss the benefits and utility of the chicken genome sequence with a much wider audience.


Expected attendance will consist of several hundred scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and representatives from the poultry industry, government agencies and academia.


The venue for the symposium will be the Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Atlanta, GA, USA.