October 16, 2020


University of Illinois' new US$20 million feed mill ready to open



The University of Illinois' 93-year old State Farm Centre feed mill will be replaced by the US$20 million Feed Technology Centre in Urbana, Illinois, the United States.


"It's a bit of a scramble here at the end, for a project of this scale, but all the major equipments are installed," said Rod Johnson, head of the university's Department of Animal Sciences.


"We're in the midst of completing some safety checks. A load of corn was delivered, so they can start running it through various aspects of the feed mill to remove construction debris.


"The new feed mill should be able to prepare complete diets in the next two weeks."


Animal nutrition scientists can use 8,000 tonnes of specialised research diets that the new facility can deliver in their research on livestock and companion animals.


The old feed mill will be shut down when the new site opens and is fully operational. Research Park officials have also expressed interest in using that land to expand.


"The current feed mill sits at a location of Fourth and St. Mary's that campus would like to be repurpose," Johnson said.


"The old feed mill was not in good shape, has outdated technology and not a great learning environment for students. The new one will allow researchers to make real-time nutritional assessments of various ingredients.


"They recognise the value of having a new state-of-the-art feed mill and what it can do for agriculture."


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