October 16, 2008


Pakistan policy proposal in aid of small-medium investors


On the advice of a progressive fish farmer, the Pakistani Secretary of Livestock and Fisheries has an investor-friendly fisheries policy for small and medium investors.


According to the Pakistan Observer, The Secretary Livestock and Fisheries, Shoaib Siddiqi said that in the light of recommendations of Fisheries Policy, a PC-I has been approved for aquaculture and shrimp farming by the Fisheries Development Board constituted under MINFAL.


The news agency said that at present, the dimensions for the progress of the sector have been changed and multi-progress activity has since started for poverty alleviation as the draft Provincial Fisheries Policy is being prepared for submission.


Mohammad Alam, a progressive fish farmer, suggested that the policy should be investor-friendly and categorized to suit small, medium and large investors' expectations.


He said the most important issue that needs to be addressed was water pollution. The entire area is highly polluted and is not suitable for aquaculture. He said a survey had been done to asses the quality of water fit for fish/shrimp growth in the coastal area. The Pakistan Observer reports that Livestock and Fisheries Department would prepare a comprehensive plan with clear visions and recommendations for the issue itself.


The meeting decided that Livestock and Fisheries Department would submit details of lease of land and water issues to Planning and Development and approaching BOR (Member LU) and Irrigation and Power Department.


The meeting further decided that Mohammad Alam, owner of Dilshad Fish Farm would hold meeting with Secretary Livestock and Fisheries Department and finalise land lease policy.


The comprehensive land policy may include better incentives to small, medium and large fish farmers/ investors, better than other province.

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