October 16, 2008

Malaysia’s CAB Group expands broiler hatchery with Smart
Having monitored the development of modular single-stage incubation technologies for several years, Malaysia's CAB Group has collaborated with the Kedah State Economic Development Corporation (KSEDC) to expand its poultry integration in Penang with a new Smart single-stage PS broiler hatchery from Pas Reform.
The new hatchery, located at Kedah, is being developed in three phases to produce 1.1 million ParentStock chicks each year by 2013.
Mr Chuah, director of CAB Cakaran's new GP farm project, explained that aside from cost savings of some 20 per cent and the ability to protect the Group's poultry business from the risks of international embargoes on PS chick imports; PS quality, uniformity and bio-security were also key factors in CAB's decision.
Mr. Chuah said the Pas Reform’s Smart incubators deliver a short spread of hatch which reduces time to the first intake of feed and water and this promotes excellent uniformity in the day olds, simplifying farm management and producing markedly better performance.
As the chicks are of higher quality and in better conditions, they are also able to withstand the stress of vent sexing, vaccination, transport and so on which means the PS chick arrives on the farm in very good condition.
He said CAB employs the most rigorous biosecurity measures and this had been a deciding factor. Biosecurity and food safety are the main objectives of CAB’s promises to customers and Smart incubation will dutifully fulfill that promise.
Smart cabinets are constructed with smooth-walled, 'food-safe' anodized aluminium, stainless steel and polystyrene that is highly durable and resistant to strong disinfectants and corrosion. The absence of closed air ducts improves hygiene and sanitation, as does the incorporation of cooling ducts into the walls of the cabinets,making short work of thorough cleaning between cycles.

Dr Tan Ee Seng, Pas Reform's Sales Director in Asia is leading the Dutch hatchery technology company's delivery for CAB. Dr Tan says they never underestimate the importance of people to the success of any hatchery operation and with a tailor-made, on-site training programme in place, CAB's hatchery professionals will have an excellent grounding in all aspects of single-stage incubation, to help them meet demanding targets on every level of the hatchery's performance.

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