October 14, 2011


Mekong Delta's capital shortage halts shrimp production expansion



Farmers in the Mekong Delta province of Ca Mau have been prevented from expanding their breeding areas for shrimp production due to capital shortage, the state media said Thursday (Oct 13).


The province targets to expand its shrimp growing areas to 10,000 hectares, but the actual areas for shrimp production are 2,000 hectares since 2009, the newspaper reported.


Along with big investment, the large-scale shrimp production requires farmers to follow strict technical procedure as well as to have good irrigation system.


Shrimp disease control is also very important to secure good harvest.


For shrimp breeding farmers Ca Mau province, all conditions for large-scale production are not met, the newspaper said.


The province has 250,000 hectares for aqua-culture with total annual yield of 200,000 tonnes, much lower than that of other provinces. The province's target to earn US$1 billion from the sector by 2013 will not be met if local farmers still raise shrimp and other seafood at small-scale.

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