October 14, 2011


China's agriculture stocks strengthen amid new policy plan


Agriculture stocks in China's A-share market shored up on Thursday (Oct 13), boosted by the 2011-2015 plan for feedstuff industry released by China's Ministry of Agriculture.


The plan raises the overall development target for China's feedstuff industry during 2011-2015, which aims to ensure steady growth of the country's feedstuff output, improve product quality and production efficiency and raise industry concentration.


Boosted by the policy stimulus and weather disruptions in Southeast Asian countries which are believed to push up grain prices, agriculture stocks outperformed the market on Thursday. Index tracking the agriculture sector surged over 1.7% by 2:30 p.m. The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index gained about 0.3% by then.


The Shenzhen-listed feedstuff producer Shan Dongyisheng Livestock and Poultry Breeding surged over 8.5%. Tangrenshen Group gained over 4.2%.

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