October 14, 2008


French 08-09 grain at 69.4 million tonnes, up by 17 percent


French 2008 grain production will rise 16.7 percent on-year to 69.4 million tonnes, the Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries said Monday (October 13).


The new government forecast is a slight increase from last month, which saw production in 2008 at 69.3 million tonnes.


The Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry said the increase was mainly due to a 494,000-hectare rise in sown grain area to 9.58 million hectares.


For the largest crop, soft wheat, French production was forecast at 36.9 million tonnes. This is down slightly from the previous forecast in August of 37.1 million tonnes and up 19.9 percent on-year.


France's barley output remains forecast at 12 million tonnes, a jump of 27.1 percent from 2007-08.


The forecast for corn production was raised to 15.1 million tonnes, up from a forecast of 14.9 million tonnes, an increase of 4.3 percent on-year.


French oilseed output was revised down to 6.4 million tonnes from 6.5 million tonnes last month. This is up 5.5 percent on-year.


French farmers seeded more land to grain crops due to the abolition of the EU's 10-percent mandatory arable land set-aside scheme.

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