October 14, 2008


China imports US pigs to bolster hog breeding system


China has imported more than a thousand high quality pigs from the US in a US$1.7 million deal in an effort to boost the country's hog breeding system.

Ag World, based in Bloomington, Illinois, shipped 1,226 Landrace, Duroc and Yorkshire hogs in late September to South Golden Valley Agri-Husbandry, Ltd., of Chongqing.
"South Golden Valley is starting a hog farm southwest of Beijing and wants to supply breeding stock to all of Chongqing province, which has been identified as an ideal location to raise pigs," Bruce Cluver, Chief Executive Officer of Ag World, said.
Work on the sale began in June of 2006 when the department's Bureau of Marketing and Promotion introduced Ag World to Chinese swine buyers on its Pork Tour, a programme that promotes exports of Illinois pork products.

The buyers informed South Golden Valley Agri-Husbandry of potential trade opportunities with Illinois and a deal was negotiated that September while Ag World was exhibiting in the department's pavilion at VIV China.
The shipment is expected to not only ease the supply shortage in Chongqing, but also to vastly improve the hog breeding system.
South Group's president assistant, Qi Yachuan said that the largest pigs weigh 30-40 kg while the smallest weighs only 10 kg.
Each pig costs over US$2,000 while more than US$700,000 have been spent for transportation.
According to Qi, the pigs have up to 68 percent of lean meat, much higher than domestic pigs which have only about 50 percent of lean meat. Factors like rapid growth rate, rich in nutrition and high slaughter rate are expected to become the face of high-quality Chinese pork, Qi said.
Illinois currently is the second-leading exporter of livestock to China with sales of $6.5 million through June of 2008. The $1.7 million hog shipment will boost this year's sales more than 25 percent.
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