October 13,  2020


Namibia hunts for new markets to export beef


Namibia is looking for new markets to export its beef, thus providing more opportunities for its farmers, according to the Meat Board of Namibia (MBN).

MBN has initiated several studies and investigations to identify growing markets to add to its traditional markets, namely South Africa, China, the United States, Norway and the European Union.

The meat board said it has conducted research concerning Middle Eastern markets and it has seen promising results.

"Current markets are [vulnerable to] foot-and-mouth disease and, therefore, Middle-Eastern markets can offer alternatives," the board said in a statement.

"We need to be cognizant of the current limited production of cattle and beef as a consequence of the 2019 drought (in Namibia), and that further research on alternative markets will not necessarily lead to market utilisation," said the statement.

MBN also noted that total cattle marketing decreased by 31% in the January-August period, in spite of producer prices showing a 2% increase for slaughter cattle and a 39% increase for weaner calves.

Exports of weaner calves that represent 63% of the total cattle market share decreased by 49% during the reported period, MBN said.

- Xinhua