October 13, 2011


Export strategy to develop Scotch beef and lamb market



A new strategy developed by QMS in partnership with Scottish exporters hopes to propel Scotch beef and Scotch lamb into the wider European market, according to an announcement at the German trade fair Anuga.


In its first major revision since 2006, the new strategy outlines a three-pronged approach to both supporting established markets and helping Scotland's products gain a foothold in other areas in both Europe and beyond.


Jim McLaren, chairman, QMS said, "The initial four target markets identified by QMS in 2006 have been very successful for the Scottish red meat industry.


"Awareness of our product in France, Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium amongst wholesalers and retailers is at the point where we can refocus our campaigns from helping develop market opportunities to now helping build consumer demand.


"We've overcome the initial challenge of establishing a network of retailers throughout the four countries who are selling and promoting Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb, and we can now move to a position similar to established home markets such as London, where we can focus on building a demand from consumers and the foodservice sector."


In the quarter to September 2010, the industry has exported beef and Scotch lamb to the value of GBP18.4 million (US$28.9million), 80% of which was to current target markets.


The market in the four countries is now worth an estimated GBP44.7 million (US$70.3million) to the Scottish industry.


With this refocusing, it gives QMS the opportunity to start work on breaking Scotch beef and Scotch lamb into new markets, targeting the Nordic nations and Germany specifically.


These countries were identified primarily as there is already a small presence of mainly commodity product, with considerable potential to develop added-value markets for our premium Scotch beef and Scotch lamb brands.

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