October 13, 2011


Australian domestic wheat use, export increase



In August 2011, Australia's wheat grain assigned for domestic use or overseas shipments increased to 4.9 million tonnes, rising by 238,000 tonnes from July 2011 and an increase of 145,000 tonnes compared to last August.


According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the total wheat grain committed, the amount contracted for export remained steady at 3.7 million tonnes. In August 2011, all states reported decreased export commitments from July 2011, except Queensland, which reported an increase, up by 170,000 tonnes and Western Australia, up by 127,000 tonnes. As in July 2011, South Australia and Western Australia again had the highest total commitments with one million tonnes and 1.2 million tonnes respectively in August 2011.


Compared to July 2011, wheat grain committed for domestic use increased by 178,000 tonnes to 1.2 million tonnes in August 2011. This compares to a total of 699,000 tonnes in August 2010.

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