October 13, 2008


Automatic egg vaccinator developed

Brazilian scientist, David Fredrick Smith of Santana de Parnaiba, has invented an injection apparatus for eggs.


The apparatus is designed to vaccinate large quantities of fertile eggs in order to cut the costs and labour involved, lower embryonic mortality by enhancing protection from diseases, and to reduce the stress in the chicks' first day of life by eliminating the process of manually vaccination, according to the US Patent & Trademark Office.


The product has an automatic system controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), using a specialised injector that will signal empty egg spaces and avoid wasting vaccine, said the Patent Office.


The injector is also designed to reduce the pressure on the needle after it breaks the eggshell to avoid harming the embryo. The injection platform that has conical holes for the injectors to permit lateral movements that allows the injectors to accommodate eggs that are tilted, with the injectors locked into position by a series of air bladders located within the platform and running parallel to the injectors.


The sanitisation system, which disinfects the needle and the part of the injector in contact with the egg after every single injection, is coupled with the removal of the incubator trays from the vaccination area to economise on production time.

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