October 13, 2008


UK pig feed output down 15 percent

Retail production of pig feed fell 15 percent on-year in August, while the average pig feed price has also increased tremendously.


Average pig feed prices from April to June 2008 reached GBP 218, compared to GBP 164 in the same period in 2007.


For August in a year-on-year basis, pig growing feed retail production declined 9.3 percent, finishing feed down 16.4 percent, and breeding feed plunged 20.2 percent.


Use of wheat in retail production of all animal feed has dropped 13 percent on-year in August, while barley fell 5.7 percent. Total raw material use declined 9.9 percent.


In addition, cattle and calf feed production dropped 10.1 percent, compounds for dairy cows dipped 8.1 percent, and poultry feed declined 4.6 percent.

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