October 13, 2003



India's Corn & Soybean Yields Overview


The Indian Agricultural Department's revised crop estimates suggest that India's corn yields this year could turn out to be the second highest on record.


Numbers released on October 10 by the Agricultural Department put Indiana's corn yield estimates as of October first at 148 bushels per acre, up from last month's 145 bushel estimate.


If the 148-bushel yields hold up through the fall harvest, this would make Indiana's corn yields the second highest on record, behind the 156 bushels of 2001's top crop.


Indiana's total corn crop is estimated to be about 806 million bushels.


Purdue University experts say the state's corn crop was boosted by the heavy Labor Day rains, resulted in the good harvest of crop after a hot, dry August.


Those rains came too late for state's soybean crop. Soybean yields are estimated to be about 40 bushels per acre, down 6% from September's 43-bushel estimates. The state's total soybean production is expected to be about 214 million bushels.