October 12, 2011


Romanian grain production up



Romania's grain production rose by more than eight million tonnes from 2010 which is close to 24 million tonnes this year, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Valeriu Tabara said Monday (Oct 10).


Tabara explained that he thinks this year they'll have between 22-24 million tonnes of grain, by around eight million tonnes more than last year, when we obtained 16-17 million tonnes. Barley, double barley, oats, sorghum and autumn grain amount to a combined three million tonnes. With more than seven million tonnes of wheat and 12 million tonnes of corn he thinks they'll attain between 22-24 million tonnes of grain in 2011.


The minister says this is one of the best agricultural years both for the corn and wheat production Romania has had in years.


Tabara stressed that the rain that fell over the weekend was excellent for sowing and also for harvesting the remaining crops, namely sugar beet, corn and sunflower, although only small areas have remained to be harvested. The rain was good for sowing barley, oats, wheat and fodder crops. The best time to sow is until October 25-30.


With respect to the crops hit by this autumn's drought, the minister said he could not pronounce as to the losses for the moment.

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