October 12, 2011


Russia's fish harvest up



Russian fishing companies' harvests have risen by 6.4% on year in the first nine months of this year, to 3.3 million tonnes, which is 197,700 tonnes more as compared to the same period of last year, the country's fisheries watchdog said.


They caught 2.3 million tonnes of fish and seafood in the Far Eastern basin (up 269,500 tonnes), 472,100 tonnes in the Northern basin (up 56,100 tonnes), 27,100 tonnes in the Baltic Sea (up 3,300 tonnes) and 21,400 tonnes in the Azov-Black Sea basin (up 400 tonnes).


The catch of fish and seafood in the Caspian basin dropped by 1,600 tonnes in the monitored period to 22,100 tonnes.


Russian fisheries used 310,600 tonnes of their fishing quotas in foreign waters, down 114,300 tonnes on year and harvested 147,900 tonnes in convention areas and the open part of the oceans, down 9,200 tonnes on year.

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